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Protect yourself and your organization with the veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces 
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Discuss your unique security and tactical training needs with a specialist at ISS Associates today. Complete the form below or call us at: 877-640-7100


Law Enforcement Training

Zohar Tactical LE Defensive Tactics

for Advanced security & anti-terror training.  NYS private investigators & Security Consultants.Introducing… For Law Enforcement Only!!

Hand to Hand Combat Training Krav Maga / Tactical weapons Skills.
Learn from the BEST all ISS Instructors are Special Forces Graduates and Instructors From Israeli Defense Forces.


Advanced Security Tactical Hand to Hand Combat Training & Weapons Awareness Seminar.

Take your Skills to the next level Armed and Unarmed Tactical Self Defense training.  Weapons Defense and Retention, Weapons Defense tactics, Protective skills Use of Hand to Hand when weapons malfunctions, Single & Multiple opponents, knife attacks, and more…This is just a taste of advanced security tactics Courses

******Space is Limited!!

This seminar is for Law Enforcement Only.

To Register please Complete the attached registration form and return  Registration Form LE Defensive Tactics to ISS Associates Inc. 954 South Lake Blvd. Mahopac NY 10541
for additional info

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